How to pay with Credit Card or Debit Card?

We don’t accept the payment directly from Credit Card or Debit Card. We also don’t need your credit card info. So don’t send your credit card info to us. Some clients have sent their feedback saying that they hesitate to use our services because we don’t accept Credit Card. But please note that we don’t accept Credit Card just to protect you. Because of the increase of Credit Card fraud, being hackers, we do not take your Credit Card payment, so if there is something wrong with your Credit Card, it isn’t because of us.

In order to make sure that our customers financial details aren’t collected and stored on our sites, we don’t process Credit Card payments, BUT we are using Western Union and PayPal as the payment gate, to process Credit Card payments on our behalf.

So you can pay with credit/ debit card online on Paypal or Western Union website.

Note: All payment is “Once Time Payment” and there is no monthly payment to use our service.

After crediting your account, we will inform you and you could start hacking the person account. We will send a message to your email address. Please check your spam or junk folder if you don’t find that email in your inbox.

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